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Our Products:

Three Generations of Beekeeping

Our founder, Ernest Drew, started with a mission to offer the highest quality bees and queens to beekeepers and hobbyist alike. Here at   Drew Apiaries customer satisfaction and product quality is still our first priority. Our knowledge and practices have been handed down from generation to generation and we continue to make significant efforts daily to advance with every opportunity so that we may always provide our customers with the absolute best products available.

Drew Apiaries Est. 1957

All of our queens are selectively breed at Drew Apiaries for mite resistance, hygienic behavior, fast build up, heavy honey and pollen production. Orders of 100-up Queens ship FREE next day air UPS.

We take a very professional approach to pollinating your crops with strong high quality hives. All of our beehives are ready for drop off same or next day of your phone call.  

Our process has been passed down from generation to generation  and we continue to take pride in  our bees & equipment that are ready for your full inspection and approval upon pick up.


We offer the finest packaged bees held to the highest standard for our customers. By choosing Drew Apiaries' bees, you are ensured a fresh, and very full, package of bees. 

Honey Bees

A Working Business

We at Drew Apiaries are beekeepers just like you and know the importance of your time and individual needs. By offering flexible load times, evening call hours, and customer based assistance we hope to make your purchasing experience superior to any before.